Sports Plus Inline Hockey Cincinnati
  • Summer Adult House League Begins July 13th
    Visit the ADULT  Page for Information
  •  Saturday Clinics with Tyler Colwell
    6-7pm       $10 (includes admission to Open Hockey @ 7pm)

  • Adult New Player Referral Program - Introduce someone to inline hockey for their first session and they get a $30 discount.  If they play again the following session, YOU get a $30 discount!!
  • Scorekeepers & Referees Always Needed!
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Open Hockey
Please check the schedule as it is subject to change.
Unless the rink schedule shows OPEN HOCKEY, it is not available for use

Cost: $10
Please pay at the Welcome Center & sign the Open Hockey Sign-in Sheet.
Discounted Open Hockey Punch Passes Available Online & at the Welcome Center.

Today's Rink Schedule
Time League Home Locker Visitor Locker Rink Score
Tuesday, Sep 02 2014
03:00PM - 07:00PM Open Hockey - Pay $10 at the Welcome Center Inline
07:00PM - 07:40PM Toss Up Tour 1 Sherwood 2 Inline -
07:40PM - 08:20PM Toss Up Reebok 3 Easton 4 Inline -
08:20PM - 09:00PM MISSION (Wright) vs. Tour/Sherwood Winner (Weber) Inline
09:00PM - 09:40PM ALKALI (Kuper) vs. Reebok/Easton Winner (Smith) Inline
09:40PM - 10:20PM 9pm Winner (Weber) vs 820 Winner (Smith) Inline

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